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How To and FAQ

This page covers a range of F.A.Q's and 'How To' guides. If you can't find what you are looking for or have further questions please Contact Us.


How to install a Bowl & Stand Water Feature - Click Here
How to install an Urn Water Feature Click Here
How to install Pond Liner Click Here
Installing a Pre-Formed Pond Click Here
How to lay Stonemats Click Here
Contractor Referral List - Click Here  for a list of landscapers that can install and maintain gardens and water features.

Download our Springtime Pond Maintenance Guide 
How many litres does my pond hold? 
- Calculate (in metres) the width x length x depth x 1000 = capacity in litres
Algae information - Want to know how to suppress algae before it becomes a problem? - Click Here
Types of Algae - What algae do I have? - Click Here
Litres to Gallons - 1 Litre = 0.26 Gallons/100 Litres = 26.4 Gallons
Do I need continuous water supply feeding my pond or water feature? - No, pumps reticulate the same water over and over. Continuous water supply systems can be beneficial if the pond will be left unchecked for long periods. 
How do I get rid of mosquito larvae? - Fish naturally eat mosquito larvae, but if you don't want fish there are pond treatments such as Mozzie Dunk or Feature Clean. Mosquitoes like still water, so a pump with a fountain attachment or water fall will discourage mosquitoes from laying.
pH & kH - kH = Carbonate Hardness, pH = Hydrion or Percentage Hydrogen - to know how they can affect your pond Click Here. 
How do I locate a leak in my pond? - We recommend filling up your pond and switching off the pump (if any) for about a week to see where the water level drops to, if it drops half way the leak is half way etc.
How do I fix a leak in my pond? - Find where the leak originates from (see above for details). A hairline crack in a concrete pond can usually be repaired with pond paint, larger cracks may require Epoxy Mortar to fill the gap, followed with Pond Paint. Small punctures to Pond Liner can generally be repaired with a repair kit. Depending on the size of the crack/puncture the pond may require full replacement.
What is the legal pond depth? - Up to 400mm (40cm)

Fish & Plants
Bonsai Tree Information Click Here
How to pot Water Lilies & Pond Plants - Click Here
How to care for Water Lilies & Lotuses - Click Here
Why has my water lily died? - Your Water Lily may not have died, they do go dormant over winter, with new growth appearing in spring. See 'How to care for Water Lilies & Lotuses' for more information.
How many fish will my pond accommodate? - Fish start small and grow to the size of their environment, fully grown size is about 200mm (20cm). Having said this, if your pond is too small it will stunt your fish's natural growth. An average calculation is one fish per 200 liters (fully grown).
Protecting your fish from predators - A good deterrent, that is also beneficial to your pond, is a pump with a fountain nozzle. The moving water deters birds and cats, while aerating and moving the water. Plants are also great shelter for fish to hide amongst, and also help with the ecological balance, provide food and a place for spawning fish to lay their eggs.
How many aquatic pond plants do I need? - It is recommended that about 70% of the pond surface is covered with plants for natural filtration, they also provide, shelter and a healthy eco-system within the pond.

What size/capacity pump do I need? - To work out a suitable pump will depend on the complete set up. For example if you have a pond and gold fish with a fountain nozzle, a suitable pump would be able to turn over the water once an hour (1500 litre pond = 1500lph pump), a suitable filter is double the capacity. If the pump is to run a cascading rock water feature, the pump would be worked off the total length, height and occasionally the width of the cascade. Please Contact Us for more information.
How do I know if my pump needs replacing, or a replacement part? - Generally if the pump makes a rattling or rumbling sound it will just require a replacement part, such as a impellor or shaft. If when the pump is switched on and there is no sound or movement it's generally an electrical fault. If the pump is low voltage it may just be a replacement transformer.
Are pond pumps suitable for chlorinated or salt water? - Chlorinated and salt water corrodes the pumps internal system very rapidly so should only be used in fresh water.
Can pumps be run off a battery system? - In short, no. Our electrical pumps run off an AC (Alternating Current) system, while batteries are DC (Direct Current).
How much power do pumps use?
 - Our most common pumps (approximately 2000lph), are less than a light bulb to run.
Can the electrical cable be extended? - Yes, we have low voltage extension cables available for most of our products. Your electrician will be able to extend 240v cable. We suggest checking with your electrician about 240v or low voltage (some products are only available in 240v or LV).
Are pumps submersible or inline? All of our pumps are fully submersible, and the Pondline Pump (excl Filter Pump) is also able to be run in-line, although submersed is preferable. If running in-line, always make sure the pump is lower than the water level.

What size pump and filter do I need for my pond? - As a general rule a suitable pump size will be the same capacity as the pond (1500 litre pond = 1500lph pump), and double the capacity filter. This will vary depending on if there is a water feature and what size the feature is.
Filter Maintenance - for information on how to clean and replace your UV lamp Click Here .
Stages of Filtration - Click Here  to find out about Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Ultra Violet filtration stages.
Nitrogen Cycle - Click Here for information on How the Nitrogen Cycle works.

Garden Pebble & Stone
How much pebble does a trailer hold?
- A standard trailer can hold up to half a cubic metre (0.5m3), twin axle and braked trailers can take more.

How many bags of pebble per m3? - There are 64 bags (15ltr/25kg) per m3.
How much pebble do I need for my garden or path? - To work out how much pebble you require multiply the length x width x depth (in metres) = m3 required. The most common depth is 0.05 (50mm/5cm) although this won't apply to all stone sizes, larger pebbles will require more depth to account for the pebble size. For example an 80mm pebble calculated into a 50mm depth will be under estimated as the pebble is almost double the depth.
Download our '10 Creative Ways with Pebbles' guide - Click Here

Other Information
Freight & Delivery Information - Click Here or see our About Us page
What is an IP rating? - IP = ingress Protection, the IP number rates the protection provided against intrusion, including water. The most common IP for our electrical products (transformers) is IP44. An IP44 means that the item is 'splash proof', not waterproof. We recommend placing transformers in a dry, well ventilated place.
What is an Electrical Current (AC/DC)? - AC = Alternating Current, DC = Direct Current
Horizontal Sundial Installation Instructions Click Here to open PDF
Pondline Pond Pump Manuals Available Here - Click Here 
Pondline Filter Pump Manuals Available Here - Click Here 
Pondline Bio And UV Filter Manuals Available Here - Click Here

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