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Pondline Pump - 260lph
NZ $29.00
Pondline Pump - 550lph
NZ $65.00
Pondline Pump - 700lph
NZ $79.00
Pondline Pump - 1000lph
NZ $109.00
Pondline Pump - 1500lph
NZ $129.00
Pondline Pump - 2400lph
NZ $179.00
Pondline Pump - 4000lph
NZ $249.00
Pondline Pump - 6000lph
NZ $339.00
Pondline Pump - 8500lph
NZ $469.00
Pondline Pump - 12000lph
NZ $599.00
Jebao Pump - 38,500lph
NZ $949.00
Pondline Pump - 18000lph
NZ $650.00
Pondline Solar Pump - 150lph
NZ $79.00
Pondline Solar Pump - 380lph
NZ $149.00
Pondline Solar Pump - 1350lph
NZ $289.00
Boyu Filter Pump - 3500lph
NZ $299.00
Boyu Filter Pump - 5000lph
NZ $359.00
Boyu Filter Pump - 6500lph
NZ $399.00
Boyu Filter Pump - 8000lph
NZ $449.00
Boyu Filter Pump - 10,000lph
NZ $499.00
Boyu Filter Pump - 15,000lph
NZ $625.00
Boyu Filter Pump - 20,000lph
NZ $755.00
Boyu 'All in One' 2000lph
NZ $389.00
Pondline Transformer (PL260LV)
NZ $20.00
Pondline Transformer (PL550LV)
NZ $46.00
Pondline Transformer (PL700LV)
NZ $46.00
Pondline Transformer (PL1000LV)
NZ $61.00
Pondline Transformer (PL1500LV)
NZ $61.00
Pondline Transformer (PL2400LV)
NZ $71.00
Jebao Transformer (PL350LED)
NZ $25.00
Pondline Transformer (PL750LED)
NZ $35.00
Jebao Transformer (PL950LED)
NZ $49.00
Jebao Transformer (PL1500LED)
NZ $45.00
Sponge - Pondline Pump
NZ $4.00


NZ $4.00
Pondline Extension Cable
NZ $30.00

About Us

At Stone and Water World we specialise in water features and decorative landscaping products, "everything you need to build an Eden of your own!".  Create your own stunning tranquil setting, your personal paradise. Being in the business for over 25 years gives us service experience, confidence and a superior knowledge of our products. 

Come in to view over 100 working water features at our Auckland showroom - here you will find the most amazing display of features to help inspire your personal garden design.

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Mt Wellington

PHONE:  (09) 525 3142
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218A Marua Road                                
Mt Wellington                         
Auckland 1051      

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Mt Wellington Store Open
Weekdays                          8am-5pm
Saturday                            9am-4pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 9am-4pm 


PHONE:  (09) 525 3142
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343 Albany Highway
Auckland 0632    

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Albany Store Open 7 Days 9am-5pm
Public Holidays Open         9am-4pm