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How to: Choosing and Maintaining Water Fountains

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Our comprehensive guide to choosing and maintaining water fountains

Whether it's the cool of winter or the warmth of summer, the addition of a water fountain can significantly enhance your garden space. Offering both aesthetic appeal and tranquillity, water fountains are an essential aspect of effective garden design. Stone & Water World, a trusted supplier of landscaping solutions in New Zealand, provides guidance for choosing and maintaining the right water fountain for your garden throughout the year.

The Role of Water Fountains in Your Garden

Water fountains contribute to the life and character of a garden, regardless of the season. The sound of flowing water brings a calming influence to your outdoor space, adding a peaceful ambience throughout the year. 

Choosing the Right Water Fountain

Choosing the right water fountain and maintaining it in good working condition involves understanding certain crucial factors, such as the fountain's design, material, location, and regular upkeep. 

Design: Consider the design that best suits your garden's aesthetic. Whether you prefer a modern geometric style or a more traditional form, the design should integrate seamlessly with the overall theme of your garden. At Stone & Water World, we take pride in showcasing more than 100 operational water features, all varied in styles, colours, and materials. Our collection ranges from locally-inspired Kiwiana designs to modern and traditional pieces imported directly from renowned UK-based Dragonstone. We assure an irresistible piece for every preference.

  1. Material: The material greatly affects a fountain's durability and appearance. Materials can range from natural stone to robust concrete or metals like stainless steel or copper. Each material will have different maintenance requirements. For example, for a copper fountain, you would use a high-quality furniture cleaner and a soft cloth, as these fountains tend to have protective coatings to prevent oxidation.

  2. Location: Consider the location of your fountain. Algae growth, for instance, can be promoted by exposure to sunlight, so positioning your fountain in a shaded area can help prevent this.

  3. Regular Maintenance: Routine care is essential to prolong the lifespan of your fountain and maintain its visual appeal. Key aspects of fountain maintenance include.

    • Water Pump Maintenance: The water pump is a crucial component of the fountain, and it's important to keep it completely submerged in water. It's also recommended to run the pump continuously, as frequent on-and-off switches can be hard on the pump. However, if you're away for a few days, it's better to turn it off than risk the water levels getting low. Pump cleaning requires removing it from the fountain, wiping away debris, and cleaning the inside. An old toothbrush can be used for hard-to-reach areas.

    • Cleaning the Fountain: The fountain should be drained and unplugged prior to cleaning. Debris-like leaves and branches should be cleared out to prevent clogging the pump. Use a non-abrasive cloth, brush, or sponge to clean the interior and exterior of the fountain. Refill the fountain with water after cleaning and run it as usual.

    • Algae and White Scale Build-up: Algae and white scale build-up can be prevented by treating your water fountain with a few drops of AlgaeFix or other water treatment. Always use as directed. Please consult the team at Stone & Water World for recommendations. 

    • Water Replenishment: Water evaporates over time, so outdoor garden and wall fountains, in particular, need to be replenished regularly to ensure that the pump remains fully submerged. This not only prolongs the pump's life but also saves you money.

By giving due attention to these factors, you can select the right water fountain for your space and ensure it remains in good working order for years to come.


Our Selection of Water Fountains

Stone & Water World offers a wide range of water fountains suitable for all garden styles and conditions. Our hand-carved natural stone fountains provide a classic appeal, while our geometric concrete fountains offer a more contemporary focal point.

Water features at Stone & Water World


Maintaining Your Water Fountain

The lifespan of your water fountain can be extended with proper care and regular maintenance. By conducting regular cleaning and checks, you can ensure your fountain remains an attractive feature even on cooler days. Check out our full water feature maintenance guide

Additional Benefits of Water Fountains

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, water fountains also offer practical benefits. They can enhance air quality by adding moisture, provide a habitat for local bird species, and contribute to an overall sense of well-being through their calming presence.

In conclusion, a water fountain is a valuable addition to any garden. It offers both visual appeal and a tranquil ambience, making it an essential feature for outdoor spaces. Visit Stone & Water World today to find the perfect water fountain for your garden.


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