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How to: Create Ambience at Home with Indoor Fountains

Indoor water fountain with LED lights


How to: Create Ambience at Home with Indoor Fountains

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Add Serenity to your Home or Office

When we think about fountains, we likely think of peaceful, majestic outdoor fountains in a garden or courtyard. Indoor fountains offer the same benefits as their outdoor counterparts and more.

There are many kinds, shapes, sizes and styles of indoor home water features. Whether you’re looking for an indoor fountain for your home or corporate office, here are some of the many benefits of indoor water fountains:

Relaxing Ambience.

The calming sound of water trickling in an indoor fountain can create a relaxing ambience for any room. Whether it’s in a sitting room in your home or your office, indoor water features can help people unwind, relax and feel comfortable.

Aesthetic, Beautiful Appeal.

Our range of indoor fountains complement and enhance a variety of décor and interior styling. Whether you’re looking for something modern, classical or even fantastical, you'll find it at Stone & Water World.

Promotes Relaxation.

The peaceful, gentle trickling of a home water feature is a great de-stressor. It promotes relaxation, thoughtfulness, peace, comfort and can even aid sleep.

Low Maintenance.

Home water fountains are easy to maintain, requiring a water refill every week or two and a deep, thorough cleaning every 4-6 months. The cleaning simply involves turning off the fountain, draining the water, wiping down the outside surface of the fountain and the inside tubing, motor and plumbing of the fountain.

At Stone and Water World, we have a range of indoor, tabletop fountains that are low maintenance and perfect for creating that ambience. Check out our range of tabletop fountains.





An Easy and Fun DIY Project to Try

If you've got your own idea in mind, you can create your own tabletop fountain very easily with a pump, decorative pebbles and a stone or ceramic bowl. Follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Arrange the Water Pump

Place the pump, especially the nozzle where you want the water to flow. We have ours off to the side but it would also look good in the middle.

Step 2:  Hide the Pump & Cord

Arrange the decorative rocks all around the bowl. Stack them up around the pump and cord to hide them from view.

Step 3:  Add Water

Add water to just cover the rocks. You need enough water to fill the pump; if it is a submersible pump it can even cover the pump. Then plug in the water fountain and enjoy.

You'll find all you need to create this fountain, expert advice and more at Stone & Water World.


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