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Create a Low Maintenance Garden


How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

Get the Guide: 4 Tips To Create a Low Maintenance Garden

If maintenance isn’t your thing then we’ve got the tips for you. A gorgeous garden that’s low maintenance, designed with impeccable style, and looks good all year round. Sound like a dream? Fortunately for you, a low maintenance garden is totally achievable. With a few simple tips and tricks you can create a gorgeous garden that you’ll love to spend time in, without the fuss.

Here's 4 low-fuss gardening and landscaping tips to help you create your low maintenance garden space:


Ditch the Lawn

Or reduce its size. For some people, lawn maintenance is something they really enjoy, for others - it's the last thing they want to do. If you want to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on your garden - reduce your lawn space or get rid of your lawn entirely! You can do this by paving over the lawn, which opens up space for entertaining, or confining your lawn to a smaller area by creating clear pathways and borders using gravel, stepping stones or pebbles.

Not only will you have more time, but your outdoor spaces will also look great year-round too. No more yellowing grass in summer or unkempt grass when it grows too fast to keep up with. Win, win!


Purple flower on leaves


Use Pebble or Stone to Suppress Weeds

If you find yourself putting down bark mulch every year to suppress weeds, consider stones or pebbles instead. Unlike mulch, which breaks down quickly and needs to be replenished frequently, stones and pebbles last forever! There are many benefits to using pebbles and stones too - such as improved water retention (helping to keep that water bill down), less time spent bent over weeding (your back will thank you) and ample habitat for wildlife.

At Stone & Water World, we stock NZ's largest range of stones and pebbles. Come and see it for yourself at one of our stores! The range of sizes, shapes and colours means there's something to suit every garden.


rock garden with wildflowers


Add a Rock Garden

If you want to achieve the texture and interest of a naturalistic garden - without all the fuss - then a low maintenance rock garden is for you. Rock gardens are not only visually very cool but, they are also very self-sufficient, making them the perfect addition to your low maintenance garden design. Add texture and interest to your garden by choosing a mixture of large rocks, like our landscape rock range, and small pebbles. This not only looks great, but keeps the soil covered, meaning you'll have fewer weeds to pull, work to do and money to spend in the long run.

Our Ezi-Roc man-made rocks are perfect for the job. They weigh only 5% of natural rock and are designed to imitate the texture and shape of natural rocks. Plus, they are so light that installation is easy in even the most difficult locations. Install them yourself and if you don't like the placement, no stress! You can simply pick them up and shift elsewhere. 


Buddha sculpture with running water


Create Everlasting Interest with Water Features & Sculptures

When considering your design, opt for permanent features that will become a focal point outdoors such as a water feature or statue. Water features are low maintenance, high impact additions to any garden, but they really come into their own in small courtyards and patios where there isn't space for many plants. Most garden water features recycle water, so there's not a lot of maintenance involved at all. 

At Stone & Water World, we have over 100 working water features in-store. You have to see (and hear!) them for yourself. We also have a large range of statues and ornaments too - everything from traditional Eastern statues to Kiwiana inspired pieces  there's something for every space.


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